Albert Willemetz's family

Impossible to write the complete story : Albert Willemetz wrote down his memorys in a very interesting unpublished dcument, part of the Archives of his grandchild Albert.

A happy familly with harmony.

In his personal Archives, Albert Willemetz, kept all letters from his Grand parents, Father ad Mother and children.

Everything is still here : old documents about the family, invitations for weeding of Grand Parents, Parents and including the card send specially to inform that the weeding of his brother is cancelled with Mrs X...

So many photos, very often with the best friends such as Sacha Guitry, Yvonne Printemps, Louise de Vilmorin, and many details showing that life in Paris in 1900 was a "paradis".

Edouard Willemetz is a wonderful Father, encouraging his children in their vocation, but "graduate before! ".
Jeanne Willemetz is a wondeful Mother, full of character as her letters confirm.

Studdies, qualifications, degrees, even class books were conserved.

Albert get in loved, married, get a child Gérard and unfortunately his first wife died before Phi-Phi.

Whom will married a very charming man, well-known and working every day with he most glamourous actresses of the time ? He choosed his... cousine Jeanne.

Birth of three boys : Serge, Claude and Jean-Pierre.

The Grand Mothers of these children are ... sisters ! And Albert's sister will marry Jeanne's brother : so realy family life is meaningfull.

Albert decides to live in the "country" at Marnes-la-Coquette (5 km from Paris...) and Maurice Chevalier joins becoming neighbour (he bought Richard Walace estate in Marnes).

During 2nd War, the house is occupied and a nazi cross is carved in a tree near the ... Amour pavillon. Albert moved back to Paris, Quai de Béthune.

Albert is very preocupied : his son Claude is in London with General de Gaulle, Jean-Pierre is in Spain, the two others boys in Germany. Albert with a lot of courage, like Sacha Guitry, decided to stay in Paris, helping all people he could.

Albert and Sacha are the best friends, and what is very exceptional, wifes too.
Jeanne is Yvonne printemps best friend : everything is diferent in their life, but there were speaking by phone one hour and half every day.

TV show and interviews were filmed at Marnes, and Claude and his son Albert were present.
Many charming and funnies anecdots of these happy times exist.

Can you imagine that Albert professional beginning was doing adaptation from English Revues...but without speaking English...
He was the only President o SACEM and CISAC which was not able to read music, which didn't prevent him to write so many sucessfull songs, Revues and Musicals.